How can I find out more about kids and TV?

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The stan­dard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is repro­duced below for those inter­ested. Sec­tions 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from “de Finibus Bono­rum et Mal­o­rum” by Cicero are also repro­duced in their exact orig­i­nal form, accom­pa­nied by Eng­lish ver­sions from the 1914 trans­la­tion by H. Rackham.

Sed ut per­spi­ci­atis unde omnis iste natus error sit volup­tatem accu­san­tium doloremque lau­dan­tium, totam rem ape­riam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inven­tore ver­i­tatis et quasi archi­tecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explic­abo. Nemo enim ipsam volup­tatem quia volup­tas sit asper­natur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia con­se­qu­un­tur magni dolores eos qui ratione volup­tatem sequi nesci­unt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, con­secte­tur, adip­isci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tem­pora incidunt ut labore et dolore mag­nam ali­quam quaerat volup­tatem. Ut enim ad min­ima veniam, quis nos­trum exerci­ta­tionem ullam cor­poris sus­cipit labo­riosam, nisi ut aliq­uid ex ea com­modi con­se­quatur? Quis autem vel eum iure rep­re­hen­derit qui in ea volup­tate velit esse quam nihil moles­tiae con­se­quatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo volup­tas nulla pariatur

But I must explain to you how all this mis­taken idea of denounc­ing plea­sure and prais­ing pain was born and I will give you a com­plete account of the sys­tem, and expound the actual teach­ings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-​builder of human hap­pi­ness. No one rejects, dis­likes, or avoids plea­sure itself, because it is plea­sure, but because those who do not know how to pur­sue plea­sure ratio­nally encounter con­se­quences that are extremely painful. Nor again is there any­one who loves or pur­sues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occa­sion­ally cir­cum­stances occur in which toil and pain can pro­cure him some great plea­sure. To take a triv­ial exam­ple, which of us ever under­takes labo­ri­ous phys­i­cal exer­cise, except to obtain some advan­tage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a plea­sure that has no annoy­ing con­se­quences, or one who avoids a pain that pro­duces no resul­tant pleasure

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